Our Approach

Our approach is built on four fundamental Art Of Communication principles viz. that great communications come about by:

1. Unearthing game-changing insights;

2. Using those insights to spark strong, compelling ideas;

3. Delivering and optimising those ideas flawlessly, seamlessly, and consistently; and,

4. Continuous improvement; learning from everything we do.

Engaged from the Outset

From the outset we ensure we have a strong understanding of the underlying business and brand challenges, as seen by all stakeholders across the whole business. We then turn our focus to the communication challenge and the audiences we need to reach, both inside the organisation and outside in the marketplace.

Having first gained an understanding of their mindset, desires, and interaction with the outside world, we devise the best way to reach and influence them through powerful conversations; whether it is through traditional media outlets, brand experiences, social media and online networks, sponsorship, events, mobile marketing, or any other channel now or in the future.

At the core of our success is one word: why? When we ask “why?” we drill down and get to the real issues, which enables us to give fearless advice about the communications approach that will work best for your business and brand.

If you need to make a positive change in the way your customers, your staff, and all other stakeholders feel and talk about your brand and business, then you need The Origin Agency engaged from the outset of your strategic journey, not as a PR after-thought or bolt on.